The elevation from the bottom of the Volga Soviet armored boat

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In the summer of 2017 divers found at the bottom of the Volga river armored boat... It was decided to raise it from the bottom of the Volga. In November 2017 began a complex operation to lift. It was an armored boat №31 who's defending Stalingrad in 1942. After cleaning the captain's cabin from the sand it is established that the armored boat was sunk at full speed, all the levers of the ship are on "full speed ahead". The captain's cabin was burning inside it, apparently at that time there was only a captain. Discovered his revolver. Set to the name of another crew member. This sailor Kolegov V. K.. In the tank turret it was found, well-preserved belt with the inscription: Collegenow V. K. 1942. There, in the tank turret was found the jaw of a young man not yet grown a wisdom tooth, so it can be assumed that the young man was 20-22 years. In the stern discovered Cabourg and binoculars in excellent condition. On the cover of the binoculars is stamped the name of an armored boat, the binoculars have markings and serial number 4107403.
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