Were the soldiers of the Waffen SS in Stalingrad?

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Waffen SS was in Stalingrad! 

First, this is confirmed by the finds was made diggers in Stalingrad region of Russia. We sometimes find the gorget patches, dogtags, buckles and another items of SS-troops... 

Protocol of interrogation of the German soldier

Secondly, it can be confirmed documented -

From Protocol of interrogation of prisoner of war of the German army, soldier of the 2nd battalion, infantry regiment 673, 376 infantry division  Helmuth Ludwig, 1916 birth. He was captured on December 3, 1942 near the village of Dmitrievka, west of Stalingrad.

Helmuth Ludwig: "I should add that the same transport aircrafts (as I heard from the company commander) came a some of soldiers from Waffen SS and Sturmabteilung (SA), most likely to strengthen and "raise morale" caught in the environment. Personally, I have seen in 3rd motorized division (which was in the village Novoolekseevka) SS and SA soldiers, about 4-5 people in one company."

Protocol of interrogation of the German soldier


Update from Summer 2021 -This year, 2 Waffen-SS belt buckles were found in the vicinity of Stalingrad


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