Adolf Hitler about the Slavs

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logoHistory is cyclical. Need to know history to avoid the mistakes of the past! Do not forget the words of the great orator and political leader Adolf Hitler about Slavic peoples, which he was never able to conquer:

-Slavs should work for us, in case we don't need them, let them die. Vaccinations and health for them superfluous. Slav fertility is not desired ... education is dangerous. It is enough if they will be able to count to a hundred... Every educated person is a future enemy. It should reject all sentimental objection. We need to control these people with iron determination.

Hitler also didn't care too much about the rest of the peoples that were already captured them:

- Referring to the newly acquired areas, it should be noted that our task is not to scrape the dirt from the conquered population or try to raise it a habit to German accuracy. We don't care if they wash daily their homes or do not wash. Our mission is not to oversee their day-to-day life, but to ensure satisfaction only to our own interests!!! 

We live in turbulent times. The difficult situation in the East and tense relations between Russia and the European Union and the United States over the situation in Ukraine! I wonder what Hitler said about Ukraine and the Crimea in particular:

- Contrary to some of the staffs can not afford no training and no assistance to the local population. Knowledge of traffic signals they would be enough... Under the freedom of Ukrainians understand that they will be washed once a month instead of twice. The German with his toothbrush in there would quickly become unpopular... Here on the East, repeats the process, like the conquest of America... 

 -Crimea must be freed of all foreigners and settled by Germans.

But we know who the Crimea belongs now!!!

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