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Third Reich

N.S.F. Deutsche Kinderschar Membership Badge

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This Badge and several others were found in the basement of the old boiler house in the suburbs of Leipzig. Was exported from Germany in 2006 and currently were in a private collection in Russia. The mark of the manufacturer - Steinhauer & Luck


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Jungen_63CA0Deutsche Kinderschar

The „Deutsche Kinderschar“ was brought to live by the NS-Frauenschaft and aimed at children aged six to ten years old. In the „Organisationsbuch der NSDAP“ from 1937 it is stated that all children should be cataloged in files and that they receive membership cards. A year later though it is to be read that under no circumstances the children are to have membership cards, nor should they be registered in a file system. With the age of ten the children were to join the „Deutsche Jungvolk“ or the „Jungmädel“ of the BDM. The leader of the „Kinderschar“ was a fully trained nursery school teacher and held within the „Ortsgruppe“ as within the county and „Gau“ the position of a section leader. The „Deutsche Kinderschar“ met up once a week for a homely afternoon. All children were dressed in the same clothes, the style could be changing from one Gau to another. The first picture shows the Kinderschar in Brockwitz near Dresden The girls wearing dresses showing the „Wolfsangel“ on the left...obviously no hard rules laid down here, as some of the girls have the Wolfsangel stitched on vertical. The boys in the picture are already wearing the unfirom of the Jungvolk, so must be 10 years old or older.


The following picture shows two boys of the „Deutsche Kinderschar“ 11 from Fremdiswalde, south of Torgau. Notice, the Koppelschloß of the boys shows a Wolfsangel in vertical position, probably to avoid a mix-up with the Koppelschloß of the Deutsche Pfadfinderbund which showed the Wolfsangel in a horizontal position. On the left side of the chest, the boys are wearing the badge with the horizontal Wolfsangel. The picture was taken 1935. The leader used to wear a badge similar to the „NSDAP Parteiabzeichen“, a white/red badge as seen in the next picture.The text on the front reads: Deutsche Kinderschar-N.S.F.(Nationalsozialistische Frauenschaft) On the back is the RZM and number 63 imprinted. Source:Internationales Militaria-Magazin, Mai/Juni 2008

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