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3 Reich

Winter camo Wehrmacht helmet M40 / from Estonia

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The helmet was found near the village of Litvinova, on the border with Estonia. The helmet was found on the events of the fighting of August 1944. The soldier’s data is installed, also on the map is marked with a cross where exactly the helmet was found. The helmet was found in the machine-gun compartment along with other broken helmets. The operation to break the Marienburg line on the border with Estonia, in August 1944. Only then, there were battles and that’s it! Why it is white, I don’t know, or he wore a white helmet, or a camouflage fabric cover was thwarted by a mine, which is most likely. Wehrmacht covers held weakly on the helmet. What exactly is this soldier is 100%. He made his way right there, Litvinov Village. The Germans are slightly distorted in the database, as in other half of cases all our names. Positions of the 540th penal battalion. There were also Luftwaffe helmets nearby, also there were penalties, but this helmet is Wehrmacht. There are a lot of reports on these battles, a lot in the BD magazines on the heroic deed of the people, on the breakthrough of this line, on the battles for these villages. There, the Russians lost only 9 IS-2 tanks and infantry a couple thousand soldiers! Size - 66


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