Western Union - How to pay the minimum taxes!

The following is a step by step guide created in the USA to transfer money from your mobile phone to Stalingradfront (stalingradfront.com) for payment of purchases.

I would like to add that I am an American living in the USA, and have completed many transactions via Western Union between myself and theTeam at Stalingrad frontt with no issues ever, and with the transfer on my end from my mobile device taking just seconds.  Please see below for the process of making a payment from a mobile device such as an iPhone:

*** This process assumes you have already gone to Western Union's website ( www.westernunion.com/us/en/home.html  )  on your computer or mobile device already and created an account, which is easy, fast and secure***

Step 1.  Download the mobile app from the App Store or from Google Play

Step 2: Because you would have already registered for a Western Union account from your PC or mobile device earlier, you will now "open" the application on your phone

Step 3:  Enter your Login and Password

Step 4. One logged in, you will choose "ONLINE TRANSFERS" found at the top of your screen on the left in a "Gold Box"

Step 5. "Click on the Blue Box at the bottom of the screen that states "Start a New Transfer"

Step 6. This brings you to the estimate page, where you add the amount of money you are transferring (example $10.00 US Dollars), and what the recipient "Stalingradfront" will receive.  Note, it is here that you enter the amount of money in USD or the currency you are "sending" (verify with Stalingradfront the type of currency you need to make payment in, i.e. USD etc.), and you choose that the "RECEIVER gets the money in Russian RublesThe system will automatically take US Dollars for example and provide the currency equivalent in Russian Rubles for you to see.

Step 6.  Click the box that states "CASH PICKUP"

Step 7.  After you have clicked on "CASH PICKUP", you will be brought to a new page that offers you methods to make payment.  Choose Credit Card or Debit Card (For payment directly to a bank account that Stalingrad front uses, you will need to gain approval and that specific information directly from Stalingrad Front),  For this example we will use a CREDIT CARD. You will see that each box will tell you how quickly the recipient will receive the money at a LOCAL WESTERN UNION AUTHORIZED STORE OR DEALER.  It is here that you will see the fee that will be charged for the individual transaction, which is what you will pay.  Example.  If you placed $25.00 US Dollars, and clicked CASH PICKUP, and then CREDIT CARD, the fee that you as the sender would pay for "sending the money" would be .63 cents USD.  The fee is adjusted for the total amount you are sending, and you will always see that "fee" in the "Credit Card" box or within the "Debit card" box.  It is on this page you will see the following: The Fee, The Total, the amount of money in Russian Rubles that the recipient gets, and the service time it will take for the money to be available for pick-up in Russia (in Minutes).  Note fees change based upon the amount of money being sent.

Step 8.  you will now come to the Fraud Protection page where you will click on the "BLUE ACCEPT BOX". 

Step 9.  You are now brought to the page that offers you the ability to select a past "receiver" and "country" or ADD a New Receiver.  Click accordingly if it's a new transaction for a new receiver name at Stalingrad front or if you are sending to someone you have sent to in the past just click on their name.

Step 10:  If you click on "NEW USER" you will be brought to a new screen where you enter the recipient's First Name, last Name and Country of pick-up.  If you choose to send to a person you've sent to in the past, you will be brought to a new page, where you will verify the person's first and last name and then you click on "NEXT".

Step 11.  You are now on a page where, because you clicked "CREDIT CARD" as the type of payment you are using, this is the page you will enter your credit card information etc.   You enter the requested information and click on "NEXT".

Step 12.  This page affords you the ability to enter the credit card specifics and add or verify the billing address for the credit card being used.  Fill in, and click "NEXT".

Step 13. You are now on the REVIEW PAGE, where everything is reviewed and you can send the transaction.


You will receive an email momentarily that explains that the transaction is approved and that the money is available at a pickup location that you have chosen during your "processing listed above".  During the processing, you will have been prompted for the recipients first and last name, and you will also have been asked to add the country of PICK UP.  This information will be listed in the email confirmation, and tell you that the transaction will be available in minutes.

The entire process listed above takes about 45-60 seconds, with most of that time being used for you to add the credit card information into the Western Union page and your Billing address for that card.  It's also important to know that Western Union has been in business doing these transactions for over 100 years, and the transactions are secure, easy, and fully trackable.  Rest assured, it's safe, and legit. These WU transactions have no "Hold" like PayPal has at times, and it's the easiest and safest way to , in my opinion, send money quickly, easily and securely to Russia without worry.  I have made 5 transactions using WU for payment to Stalingrad front team and never had an issue!  

I hope this helps in explaining things from the standpoint of me, a US user based in the United States who also purchases from Stalingrad Front.   They are honest, great businessmen who provide honest, reliable service with customer service that is A+++, and rivals the service that we often times could get here in the USA.  

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