Kalach-na-Donu (Kalach-on-the-Don)

Kalach-on-Don is a city in 80 km from Volgograd, where greatest encirclement of the German troops was completed on 23rd November 1942. The tour includes visiting of the following sights: The bridge over the Don River, the latter being an outer defensive perimeter Common grave of the Soviet soldiers where burried more than 1000 soldiers which died during the defence and liberating Kalach T-70 tank memorial in Kalach-on-Don «Meeting of two fronts» memorial where was completed the encirclement of the German army on 23rd of November 1942 under Stalingrad Golubinskaya stanitsa (the HQ of the 6th German army before encirclement, an old church of Saint Nicolas); Josef Stalin tank memorial and soviet mass grave on the Don steppe.

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