Square of the Fallen Fighters

logoThe building of Volgograd Postoffice was constructed in 1955. Nearby there is a hotel “Intourist”, built in a classical style in 1958. It is a monument of architecture. Opposite it one can see a hotel “Volgograd” built in 1890 by a merchant Voronin. It was called “Capital rooms” and was on 3 floors. During the war it was ruined and then newly rebuilt in 1955. Opposite the hotel ”Inturist” Drama Theatre is situated, with New Experimental Theatre in it. It was built by a merchant Repnikov in 1915. At first it was called Tsaritsin House of arts and science. The library and Tsaritsin Museum were here. Then Drama Theatre occupied this building. It was ruined during the war but was rebuilt in 1952. In 1989 New Experimental Theatre found his seat here. The monument to Alexander Nevsky was erected on February, 24, 2007 in front of the theatre. A. Nevsky is considered to be a celestial protector of Volgograd. Between the hotels ”Volgograd” and ”Intourist” there is a Brothers grave to the defenders of the city in 1919. A 6 m high obelisk was constructed on this place. In 1942 about 100 fighters, defenders of Stalingrad were buried here. And in 1957 a new black-and-red granite 26 m. high obelisk was erected on the grave. Eternal Flame is here since 1963. Since 1966 one can see the change of the guard here. The best schoolboys and schoolgirls stay here in the guard. Not far from Eternal Flame there is an international grave of 3 fighters. They defended Stalingrad from the fascists: a Spaniard Ibarruri Ruben Ruis, a Russian pilot Kamenshikov Vladimir Grigorjevich and a Tartar Hafis Fatjahuddinov. On the square of the Fallen Fighters you can see a poplar-tree. It is the only tree left after Stalingrad Battle. That`s why it is covered with war scars. In 1975 a granite plate was put here. There are such words on it: “Nature – historical monument. This poplar-tree brought his life through the great battle”.

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