logoSightseeing city tour «Hero city Volgograd» with visit to historical and memorial complex «Heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad» on Mamaev Kurgan will meet guests to the main memorial sites and attractions, located at the historical crossroads between Asia and Europe.

Sightseeing city tour "Hero-city Volgograd" with visit to Mamayev Hill – main height #102.0 including visit to all main sights: Square of Fallen Fighters, Alley of Heroes of Stalingrad and WW2, Eternal Flame, the tree survived the battle, memorial of the 3 Heroes of Soviet Union, dozens of mass graves of Soviet/Russian soldiers, street of Chuikov, Central Embankment of 62nd Army, Cenral River port and the place of Volga Crossing, line of defense of 62nd Army/Stalingrad front in the city, memorial to the civilians-victims of bombardment of 23rd of August 1942, memorial to Komsomols, Square and memorial of Vladimir Lenin, Pavlov's House defended for 58 days which was marked on personal map of Friedrich Paulus as fortress, Hall of Glory, Not a Step Backwards Memorial, symbolic Ruined Walls, survived buildings after the battle with the damages after fightings etc.

Central embankment behalf of the 62nd Army - the main gate of the city from the Volga.
The Alley of Heroes - Volgograd Arbat Memorial Square:
Square of fallen heroes
Zero kilometer. All of the Volgograd roads start here;
Post number one, where Volgograd schoolchildren are on weekdays service in honor of the defenders of the city;
The Eternal Flame in the memory of Stalingrad;
Peace street – a symbol of rebirth of the city after the war;
Pavlov's house - one of the bastions of the soldier's of Fame which on the pesonal map of German general Paulus was marked as fortress
Lenin’s Square;
the ruins of the mill house;
Mamaev Kurgan (Hill) - the main height of Russia 102.0;
All Saints Church which was opened to the 60-year anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War 1941-1945 in 2005.

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