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The city-hero Volgograd (from 1925 till 1961 used to be Stalingrad) placed on the Volga river coast remembers the times of the World War II (1942-1943) times. Evidence of those times are still in a large amount on the earth of Volgograd: weapons and ammunition, uniforms, households times and other artifacts.

Our team searches for such history items. As found items are in different, often in bad condition, sometimes we restore them before selling, but mostly you get your order in the form we found it on the Volgograd earth in. Searchers and diggers of our team work throughout the Volgograd region in the places of major battles and dislocation of Soviet, German, Romanian, Italian and Hungarian troops, namely: Vertyachiy, Peskovatka, Ezhovka, Kuzmichi village, Marinovka, Orlovka, Gumrak and Pitomnik airfield, Baburkin, Kalach-on-Don, New Rogachik, Dmitriyevka, Maxim Gorky village, Samofalovka, Nizhny Chir, Surovikino, also other places and surroundings. Most of the exhibits are represented by a wide group “Memory of Stalingrad”, which has been working in this field for more than 10 years.

It should also be noted that even though our team mostly focuses on historical values of the Stalingrad battle, we also work with the searchers from other Russian regions. We have exhibits from the Konigsberg (now Kaliningrad), Leningrad (now Sankt-Petersburg), Novgorod, Tver, Kursk regions as well as Ukraine and Belarus. If you are interested in any particular exhibits, we recommend to contact us, because not all of the items are presented on out site. Besides, we can contact our partners in order to find the item you are interested in.

p.s. We are Russian, so sometimes we may write with mistakes in English. Therefore, we apologize in advance, we will try to correct mistakes.

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