About us

Rules of our shop

Our shop is located in Volgograd (that’s what Stalingrad is called now). We have been successfully working since 2016 and have been trying to maintain reputation of a reliable shop. Answering FAQ about our relics shop again:

Are all your lots original?

Yes, all lots with a Restoration and Replica mark. We also make repairs of original goods, but this will surely be mentioned in the description.

What if I bought Panzer Badge, for example, and it turned out to be fake?

All our goods are either found at the battlefield, or checked by experts, so the possibility to buy a fake thing in our shop is very unlikely. I’d like to be honest and say that lately, there has appeared fake goods of good quality, which can be identified by every expert. So if this happens to you, we will return the money after you send the package back to us and we receive it.

I didn’t like a German Helmet which I bought, I’d like to have my money back.

We only return the money for a purchase if your helmet turned out to be fake and only after we receive them back!

In our practice we have had cases when the client said that they wanted to have the money back (but they are going to keep the helmet! Seriously?), because it looked better in the picture. Let’s agree that it’s a bad argument? You get right what you see in the pictures!

Which delivery method should I choose? Which one is more reliable?

Both methods are reliable. Only 1 package was lost in Germany in our practice.

More details about delivery methods difference can be found here, then you can make your choice easier. By the way, we are not responsible for the work of postal services.

As soon as the package is sent, we give a client a track- number, and as we have a lot of clients, the byers track their packages on their own. If there are delays, the client must inform us. We will right an application for searching the package. This usually helps!

Are there any discounts?

Yes, we have a discount system for regular customers or, for example, free shipping when the order is more than 500 USD. More information here.

How do I reserve the goods?

Simply tell us what lot and for how long it should be reserved, also we need prepayment not less than 10% of the price. For regular customers prepayment is optional.

Our team

Our team is represented by several people. The most experienced digger has been in this business for almost 30 years already. We do battlefield archeology only around Volgograd, at such places as the airfield Pitomnik and Gumrak, Gorodische district, Ezhovka, Peskovatka, Vertachiy, Orlovka, Rossoshka villages etc. However is you have noticed, many WW2 relics in out catalog we found in other cities and even other countries. This is due to the fact that we have friends in Kursk, Moscow, Saint- Petersburg, Smolensk, Kaliningrad, Sevastopol, Kiev, Kharkov, Minsk and other cities of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, which do the same work as we do.

WW2 diggings in Stalingrad

I would like to answer FAQ:

What do you do if you find soldiers’ remains or dogtags?

We inform a Military memorial cemetery in Rossoshka village about such findings. It them who are in charge of identification and reinternment.

What do you do if you find ammunition and weapons?

To find weapons at the Stalingrad battlefield place is an impossible task nowadays. If we find explosive objects, which represent threat, we inform the police. By the way, weapons and ammunition storage and sale are forbidden in our country, that’s why you can’t find them on the site.

And what about deactivated grenade, Mauser k87 rifles without powder, MG34 spare parts, which are essentially moulage? Are they forbidden, too?

It's a hard question. There’s such thing as a mass-dimensional mock-up, moulage in other words, which can technically be stored and sold, BUT! There’s a 90% possibility that this package won’t pass customs control. And there will be many questions to the seller from law-enforcement, and the seller will have to prove that the rifles, grenade etc. are not real.  So, it’s a rather dangerous idea of little promise, that’s why we don’t do anything like that and do our business according to the Russian Federation laws.

I’ve always dreamt to visit WW2 diggings, is it possible?

Yes, we provide such service in our city Volgograd (ex. Stalingrad). You can read what to expect here. To communicate us follow this link.

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