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3 Reich

Steel helmet M40 Peskovatka

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Product description: A helmet was found near the village of Peskovatka.


Shipping cost

Shipping cost of small freights (badges, buckles, rings, etc.):

— 7 USD by Russian Post 

— 25 USD by courier service EMS

Shipping cost of bulky cargoes (helmets, gas mask canisters etc.):

— 40 USD by courier service EMS

Cost of delivery do not regardless of the quantity of items in order! If You order 1 or 5 helmets — delivery will be the same — 40 USD!

Need a shipping discount or free shipping? OK!

1. When ordering small items (badges, cockades, buckles etc) in any quantity from 300 USD delivery by Russian post is free!
If you have ordered more than 300 USD, but there are large items (such as helmets) in the order, the shipping cost is 28 USD
2. If you order in the amount of 500 USD or more, delivery of any goods in any quantity by EMS courier service is free!

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 Photos taken on the background of "Mill Gerhardt" in Volgograd (former Stalingrad)


Mill Gerhardt or Grudinina mill is the building of the steam mill of the early XX century, which was destroyed in the battle of Stalingrad and not restored as a war memorial. Part of the Museum-reserve "battle of Stalingrad".

The mill worked until September 14, 1942, when the building was hit by explosive bombs that caused a fire and stop running. By 20 September in the mill defense ranked 3rd battalion of the 42nd infantry regiment of the 13th guards rifle division. Near was an Street "of 9 January", she became the neutral zone. The mill building was the only multi-story building on the Central promenade, which the Soviet soldiers defended it because it was very massive and strong. The Soviet 13th division launched an offensive in the area of Mamayev Kurgan, the street of "9 January" ceased to be neutral zone. Only then was able to collect the bodies in the square, lying with the September fighting, and dead in the winter.

The building was half-encircled by 58 days. These days the Mill Gerhardt withstood many of the falling bombs and shells. These injuries are still visible today, literally every square meter of the exterior walls hewed shells, bullets and shrapnel. On the roof of the reinforced concrete beam destroyed by direct hits of bombs. Sides of the building show varying intensity mortar and artillery fire — minimum from river Volga, with the other three sides are visible traces of the execution of all kinds of artillery. The building survived and was not destroyed to the ground because initially, in design was laid increased strength and vibration resistance of reinforced concrete frame necessary for the operation of the industrial equipment of the mill.

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