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Personal identification badge of the Chief navigator (beobachter) Karl Seibrecht.LOZ was found in the wreckage of the He 111 bomber that disappeared on March 25, 1942 north of the Hill.The aircraft belonged to 2./Kampfgeschwader 4 "General Wever"."The squadron has fought since the beginning of World War II in all theaters of operations-Poland, Operation Weserubung: the invasions of Denmark and Norway, the Battle of France and the Netherlands, the Battle of Britain, the Balkan Campaign and the Mediterranean, Middle East and African theaters of operations, the Eastern Front. I. Gruppe KG 4 was attached to support Army Group "Center". On October 1, the group launched an air offensive against Moscow. In winter , the detachment also bombed Moscow . KG 4 supported Army Group North during its advance to Leningrad. In January 1942, the unit relocated to Pskov. The squadron helped deliver cargo to the Kholmsky boiler, performed supply tasks over the Demyansky boiler, suffering heavy losses and severely depleting the flight crew.In the area of the Hill, the combat path of this crew ended.Everyone is missing. According to a local grandmother, there was a landing on the plane, a lot of dead and their local men buried them so that they wouldn't stink.Of course, probably not a landing party, maybe someone was taken out, maybe there was just a crew.You won't know anymore.The lid of the pencil case with spare parts standing on the starboard side, just near the navigator's seat, was shot through.Apparently, there was a queue on the side of the cab.


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— 40-55 USD by Russian Post

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