We're still working!

Are there any difficulties with sending orders from StalingradFront?

Despite the current situation, we continue to work and send parcels to our customers. The official message of the Russian Post about sending parcels from Russia to other countries of the world - link.

Since everything is written in Russian there, we have translated the important parts in the article - 

- "Parcels from Russia can be sent to all countries, just as it was before"

- "Air traffic with some countries is limited, we are forced to rebuild routes and deliver shipments by land mode of transport, transit or hybrid routes. To minimize delays, we connect the airmail of neighboring countries as close as possible to the Russian border. Because of this, the delivery time both from Russia abroad and from abroad may increase"

What is in practice?

Parcels are delivered to the USA as usual. We don't see any significant delays.

- For example, the parcel was sent by us on March 4 - tracking link delivered to the USA on March 20.

- Another example - the parcel was sent by us on March 3 - tracking link and delivered to the USA on March 20.

- And another one - he parcel was sent by us on February 28 - tracking link and delivered to the USA on March 12.

Things are even better with European countries, because parcels can also be delivered by land transport. Despite all of the above, some parcels have delays in delivery. Our clients need to be prepared for this. For example, there are delays in the delivery of parcels to Australia - 

- For example, the parcel was sent by us on January 27 - tracking link received by the client on March 11.

If I choose the delivery method by EMS courier, will I receive the parcel faster?

The practice of the last month has shown that parcels are delivered by Russian Post in some cases even faster than by EMS courier.Therefore, we do not recommend our customers to overpay money for more expensive delivery. But it's up to you!

Are there any changes with the payment of the order?

We still have the ability to accept payments in Paypal, Western Union, iban, Gold Corona, as well as in cryptocurrency.
We have also introduced additional discounts for customers who have chosen other payment methods besides Paypal.

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