First digging in Stalingrad by clients StalingradFront.com team

Our clients Jimbo and his brother Thomas first arrived in Volgograd from Belgium. They really wanted to touch on the history of the battle of Stalingrad and we helped to realize their dream!

First we showed them the memorial cemetery in the village of Rossoshka, and then went to dig next to this village. As usual for Stalingrad, they found a lot of buttons, bullets, tubes, shells and other debris. Yes, near Stalingrad gives a signal every meter of the ground. But among this debris during digging of one of the dugout, guys managed to find wound badge. This is a good find, but not the last. Then we went to digging in the area of airfield Pitomnik. In Pitomnik in one of arroyo Thomas and Jimbo was found 2 buckle GOTT MIT UNS. The first is Reichswehr buckle is very rare for Stalingrad, though it has been found in perfect condition! The second buckle was already with a swastika, but it is steel and poorly preserved...

At the end of the day Jimbo said - "I am 9 years digging in Belgium and I found nothing there and only 1 day in Stalingrad gave me so much.. It's amazing!". 

By the way, on our facebook page, he wrote this review - 

Thank you SO much to Dima and Alex from Stalingrad Front for the absolutely amazing day of metal detecting that they brought myself and Thomas on! They showed us around the battlefields, showed us where to dig, and were extremely helpful! Instant friends, I have rarely met nicer and more enthusiastic guys than them I cannot wait to come back and spend more time with these excellent guys, and visit more battlefields to find more incredible relics!

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