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Wehrmacht helmet M35 / from StalingradThird ReichThird Reich Wehrmacht helmet M35 / from Stalingrad

The helmet was found in Stalingrad, near Kotelnikovo, according to the events of the winter battles of 1943, Operation Wintergewitter. The helmet was found in a trench in the steppe. The size of the helmet is the smallest 60. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Winter_Storm "Wintergewitter" is a strategic military operation of German troops against the Red Army with the aim of breaking the blockade around the troops encircled at Stalingrad. Army Group Don, newly formed by the Wehrmacht, under the command of Field Marshal Manstein, attempted to break the blockade around the encircled troops. Initially, it was planned to start on December 10, but the offensive actions of the Red Army on the external front of the encirclement forced the start of the operation to be postponed to December 12. By this date, the Germans managed to present only one full-fledged tank formation - the 6th Panzer Division of the Wehrmacht and the remnants of the defeated 4th Romanian Army. These units were subordinate to the management of the 4th Panzer Army under the command of G. Goth. During the offensive, it was reinforced by the rather battered 23rd and 17th Panzer Divisions and Airfield Divisions. By December 19, the units of the 4th Panzer Army, which actually broke through the defensive lines of the Soviet troops, faced the 2nd Guards Army, which had just been transferred from the headquarters reserve, under the command of R. Malinovsky. The army consisted of two rifle and one mechanized corps - the 2nd Guards (formerly the 22nd Guards Division). During the oncoming battles by December 25, the Germans withdrew the positions that were before the start of operations, having lost all equipment and more than 40 thousand people.

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